5 Ways to Make More Use of Your Garage This Winter

Having an internal access garage in winter is a lifesaver if you live somewhere that gets cold or a lot of snow fall. There are a couple of steps you can take to make your garage a little bit warmer and more comfortable to make more use of it in winter.



How to Make More Use of Your Garage This Winter


Store your seasonal spring and summer gear

Get all the camping and beach gear out of the way! Create more space in your garage for your winter tools and your vehicle. The best option to completely clear seasonal items is to pop them up into ceiling storage in your garage. You can actually add ceiling storage units into your garage pretty easily if you have the space. Otherwise, look at wall storage options for things like bikes.


Add a garage heater and insulation

Installing a garage heater can be a real winner for the winter months. Not only for keeping your car warm and toasty on cold mornings! A heated and insulated garage can expand the ways you can use your garage over the winter.


Re-do your garage flooring

Now, you probably don’t want to do this DIY task in winter but it’s something you can take care of in the the spring or summer months that will make a big difference once winter rolls around. (Doing this when you do your spring cleaning is a good idea.) By adding decent flooring to your garage you can use the space in your garage in winter for more “indoor activities”. It’s relatively easy to paint or epoxy your garage floor yourself. You can find out more about it here.


Turn your garage into living space

When it’s cold out and your kids have got no desire to play outside, having an extra room in the house they can go to for loud, rambunctious play can be a lifesaver. If you have a spacious double garage you can do this by add heating and flooring to your garage and then dedicating some play space in half the garage. You can add a ping pong table or set up train tracks etc.


Give yourself an indoor gym

Getting motivation to workout can be tough in winter, especially if you’re faced with the prospect of driving through snow to get to the gym. Not ideal! You can turn part of your garage into a workout space to save yourself money on a gym membership and make it easier to get motivated. I recommend doing your garage floor as above. I’d also suggest adding in some protective foam tiles like this over your flooring before you go putting a heavy treadmill or weights bench down.



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