Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist (PDF Printable!)

Now is the perfect time to tidy your garage and give it a good spring clean. With warmer weather well on the way you can safely put away all the winter gear and bring on the summer stuff.

Spring cleaning season is the perfect time to minimize the amount of stuff in your garage and put everything in it’s right place with some garage storage solutions.

At the bottom of this post I’ve also included a PDF printable that you can download and print at home for your spring cleaning session. Get the kids involved, print out the sheet and assign them tasks.

Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist!



  • Remove all items from your garage.
  • Audit every item and if it hasn’t been used in the past 12 months, get rid of it!
  • Designate a “donate” and “throw out” pile for items you no longer want



  • Sweep entire garage floor. Scrub with hot soapy water and a stiff brush or use a pressure washer.
  • Cobweb removal from all corners, rafters & surfaces
  • Wipe down all surfaces – light switches, garage door openers, benches.
  • Wipe marks or dirt from walls.



  • Store seasonal fall/winter items (skis/snow chains/leaf blower)
  • Bring seasonal spring/summer items out of storage (bikes/camping gear/beach gear)
  • Create work zones for different items  (tools for yard work/tools for DIY)
  • Create storage zones for different items  (kids gear/sports gear/camping gear)
  • Identify where you need additional storage shelves and storage bins for items
  • Label any storage bins and zones
  • Put everything back in it’s correct place!



>>>>Click here to download the Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist<<<<<<


Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist PRINTABLE


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