How to Paint Garage Floor (DIY Guide)

How to Paint Garage Floor with Epoxy

Once you’ve picked the right product using my guide to the best garage floor coatings (epoxy and paint) then you need to know how to apply it to your garage floor. Here are my instructions on how to paint a garage floor with an epoxy floor coating.

This is a relatively simple DIY job that can be done over a weekend. It does require a bit of prep time as you first need to clean out your garage completely. A good time to do this is when you spring clean your garage!

Do it at the right time of year, ideally between 60-85 degrees. You’ll need to keep your garage door open for ventilation the entire time so pick a few days when the weather looks dry. Air temperature needs to be 60 minimum for the epoxy to dry.



What You’ll Need to Paint Your Garage Floor

Time: Can be done over the weekend


  • Paint tray
  • Paint roller and extender
  • Paint brush (nylon)
  • Watering can (plastic)
  • Bristle broom
  • Squeegee

Products: Garage floor epoxy kit. For advice on which is the best, read this article.



How to Paint Garage Floor – Step by Step Guide


Step One – Clear Out Garage

You’ll need to work with a completely clear garage. Move everything out before you get started.


Step Two – Clean Garage Floor

Scrub the garage floor with a broom and rinse off any debris with water.

Your kit comes with an etching product which you use to take off any gloss or grease on your garage floor concrete.

Mix and apply the etching product to the wet floor using the watering can then scrub with the broom. Rinse again with water and let dry completely.

You may need to re-sweep the garage floor at this point or use a wet-vac if you have one to make sure there is no residue.


Step Three – Mix up your product

Epxoy paint comes in two parts. You’ll only get 1-2 hours of working time once your product is mixed up. Your product may need to sit for 30-45 minutes before you start depending on the weather. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and use the appropriate safety measures.


Step Four – Paint Edges with Brush

Cut the edges in with a brush. You’ll want to use painters tape to guide you if you’re going slightly up the wall a few inches.


Step Five – Paint Floor with Roller

Work in four feet by four feet sections. You only need one coat. Add decorative flakes to each section as you go.

Work towards an exit! You can’t walk on the paint so you need to work in sections towards an exit. Don’t paint yourself into a corner. 😉


Step Six – Let It Dry

Let the paint dry for at least 12 hours before you walk on it and at least three days before you drive your car on it.





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